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Class of 2009


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Total Dollars Raised


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2009 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Sean C. BoylesA&S
Christina M. PolentaCOM

2009 Reunion Giving Officer

Margaret FisherAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-6727

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Brooke Giles Bailey, NUR
Ms. Sean C. Boyles, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth P. Bryan, NUR
Mrs. Virginia Hetzer Burr, A&S
Mr. Andrew D. Carraway, COM
Mr. Edward J. Casey III, A&S
Mr. James G. Fretwell, SCPS
Ms. Anne Cabot Ishon Galeski, A&S
Ms. Laura Sill Garlock, A&S
Mrs. Anna Wood Gordon, A&S
Ms. Britani L. Griffin, A&S
Mr. Keller B. Hardy, COM
Ms. Vinu T. Ilakkuvan, ENG
Ms. Caroline Lash Hill, A&S
Mr. Jose R. Lopez-Sanchez, A&S
Ms. Mary A. Kiernan, A&S
Ms. Dana Ganpath Laurens, A&S
Mr. Eric S. Magenheimer, COM
Mr. Robert W. Manoso, A&S
Mrs. Margaret Quick McBride, A&S
Ms. Merriam Mikhail, A&S
Ms. Leslie A. Olinger, A&S
Mr. Wilson D. Oswald, A&S
Ms. Christina M. Polenta, COM
Ms. Brittany L. Prime, A&S
Mr. Tyler P. Rathburn, A&S
Ms. Devin A. Reaves, ED
Ms. Tamira D. Roberson, A&S
Ms. Marisa K. Roman, A&S
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Eskew Schmidt, A&S
Mr. Nicholas R. Stroup, A&S
Mr. Edgar H. Turner II, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes Five consecutive years of giving