UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 2013


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Total Dollars Raised


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2013 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Stephanie R. MitchellA&S
Virginia L. MooreA&S
Stephen A. NashA&S
Robert H. Swindell A&S

2013 Reunion Giving Officer

Gordon WillisAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1062

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Giving Committee

Mr. Kerim K. Aksoy, A&S
Mr. David A. Aramony, A&S
Ms. Maria R. C. Aristorenas, A&S
Ms. Katherine Anne Athaide, COM
Ms. Stefanie L. Bannon, A&S
Mr. William B. Benton III, COM
Mr. Luke C. Brennan, COM
Mr. Drew S. Brophy, Jr., A&S
Mr. Arthur H. Bryant III, A&S
Mr. Clifton H. Bumgardner, ENG
Mr. Andrew F. Colberg, COM
Mrs. Alicia Chan Cundiff, A&S
Mr. Andrew M. Dailey, A&S
Mr. Ian M. Dillard, A&S
Ms. Tingting Feng, A&S
Ms. Emily C. Forrester, A&S
Mr. Owen Whitney Gallogly, A&S
Ms. Claire H. Gano, A&S
Ms. Kelly B. Grant, A&S
Mr. Evans B. Grenier, COM
Ms. Hillary G. Hardy, A&S
Mr. Paul C. Harris, Jr., A&S
Mr. William R. Hazel, A&S
Ms. Emily W. Hazel, A&S
Mr. Thomas L. Howard III, A&S
Ms. Nabilah I. Jiwani, A&S
Ms. Mary E. Kidd, A&S
Ms. Lindsay T. Kijewski, A&S
Mr. Miles J. Kirwin, A&S
Ms. Alice L. Kister, A&S
Ms. Kimberly J. Kolarik, A&S
Mr. Al-Hassan P. Koroma, A&S 
Ms. Danielle R. Kraner, A&S
Mr. William H. Langenstein IV, COM
Ms. Kelly A. McCoy, A&S
Ms. Katherine J. McLemore, A&S
Ms. Katelyn E. Milam, ED
Mr. Suraj K. Mishra, A&S
Ms. Stephanie R. Mitchell, A&S
Mr. Nicholas P. Molloy, A&S
Ms. Virginia L. Moore, A&S
Ms. Catherine G. Murtagh, A&S
Mr. Stephen A. Nash, A&S
Ms. Sophia Nosseir, A&S
Ms. Kelly D. Organski, A&S
Ms. Laura E. Ott, A&S
Mr. Kevin O. Rankin, COM
Ms. Kelsey M. Reese, A&S
Ms. Kathryn N. Rust, A&S
Mr. William B. Schwartz IV, COM
Mr. Albert N. Small, A&S
Ms. Sarah M. Steely, A&S
Ms. Julia Brown Stotler, COM
Mr. Robert H. Swindell IV, A&S
Ms. Brea A. Thomas, COM
Mr. Eli W. Tullis III, A&S
Mr. Andrew E. Weisman, COM
Ms. Kelly M. York, COM
Ms. Hannah L. Yum, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving