UVA Reunion Giving

Reunion Giving FAQ

How are Giving Committee members asked to participate throughout the year?
You are asked to be an active member of the giving committee. This includes making a gift or pledge to any area of the University, reaching out to 10 – 20 classmates, and lending your name to the general effort. The committee will only meet formally —for the Volunteer Training Workshops. Those who are unable to attend the workshop are asked to participate via webinar. Conference calls and emails will also be arranged to supplement communication throughout the year.

How many classmates are on the Giving Committee?
Committees vary in size from 35 to 100 people. The size of each committee is relative to the size of its respective class (i.e., larger classes will have larger committees).

When do I contact my classmates?
The Giving Committee will receive reminders to contact claimed classmates 3-4 times during the year: once in the fall, before the end of the calendar year, in the spring, and right before Reunions.

How do I select my classmates and get their contact information?
You will select your classmates through our online volunteer management system, UVA Volunteers in Action (VIA). The system will also have your classmates’ contact information. If needed, the Reunion Giving Office can provide you with contact information (e-mail, phone numbers, addresses) for the people you have paired with. Online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also great resources. Please note: not all contact information is complete; we rely on alumni to keep us updated.

What is the preferred method of reaching out to classmates?
You may contact people by whichever means you are most comfortable; however, nothing is more effective than a phone call from an old friend. We will provide you with up-to-date contact information. Due to the varying degrees in which people keep in contact with the University, full contact information may not be available for all alumni and may limit the means by which you can contact them.

How will I know what to say to classmates?
As a Giving Committee member, your primary role is to encourage philanthropic support to the University throughout your reunion year. Your committee chairs and Reunion Giving Officer will provide you with
e-mail and letter templates, talking points, solicitation strategies, and information on giving opportunities. You will be prepared and comfortable before you start the solicitation process. If a classmate has already made a gift, thank them and encourage them to attend the reunion!

Will I have any responsibilities during my Reunion?
You are encouraged to attend two events where you will be recognized for your committee service—one of which is sponsored by the President. Committee members are also encouraged to attend class-sponsored events, such as class dinners and class panels. But above all, the reunion is about reconnecting with your classmates and having fun!

What gifts are included in my class totals?
Gifts to any area of the University made between July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 will count toward reunion class totals. This includes annual gifts, matching gifts, and endowed gifts, as well as future support gifts for the 20th – 60th Reunions. Five-year pledges are highly encouraged as they provide an expected revenue stream for the University. The entire pledged amount will count toward the class goal. For example,
$5,000/year x 5 years = $25,000 towards the class goal.

Where will my name be listed?
Your name will be listed as a member of the Giving Committee on the Reunion Giving website, class-specific appeals and, once you make your donation, on the online donor honor roll.

Is there an expected donation amount to serve on the Giving Committee?
All committee members are asked to make a gift. Committee members are asked to consider a leadership level gift, but inability to do so does not prohibit anyone from committee membership. Donor interest and capacity varies greatly among the committee membership, therefore no stipulated giving level or amount is expected. We simply ask that you make a gift to an area of the University that is meaningful to you.

Is attendance required at the reunion?
Attendance at the reunion is highly encouraged but is not a requirement for being on the Reunion Giving Committee. Your reunion is a fun, action-packed event where you will be able to connect with classmates, make new friends, and enjoy your time on Grounds.

How do I report on my progress?
You will be able to report on your progress through our online volunteer management system, UVA Volunteers in Action (VIA).

What if a classmate asks me questions that I am unable to answer?
If a classmate asks you a question that you are unable to answer or not comfortable answering, please contact your Reunion Giving Officer. The Reunion Giving Officer can help you answer the question or contact the donor directly. Remember, your Reunion Giving Officer is there to assist you every step of the way with gift discussions.