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Donor Stories

The Power of Compassion

When Jennifer Cirenza Bell (Nurs ’89) enrolled at UVA in the late eighties, she never imagined that her decision to do so would shape the course of her life so profoundly.

The Heart of an Explorer

Julius Caesar once proclaimed that experience is the teacher of all things. Having lived her life in constant pursuit of new experiences, Geneviève Frempong Boye (Col ’99) has surely learned a lot.

A Life in Pursuit

In his book “Six Great Ideas,” American philosopher Mortimer J. Adler outlines six concepts that have been fundamental to the development of Western civilization. One of these—truth—supports our ability to make informed decisions about the world.

Tony Mozingo (Col ’70) has lived his life in constant pursuit of truth.

We Cultivate Scholars

“I wanted to do something worthwhile, and do it while I am still around to enjoy it.” To memorialize his father, who holds a special place in UVA’s history, Flory established an endowment that combines a current five-year pledge with estate plans that will support the scholarly pursuits of the arboretum curator.

We Build Great Beginnings

We wanted to take the burden of tuition costs off students’ minds so they can stay focused on their education,” says Lambert. The couple created the Lambert-Woods Architects Traveling Scholarships, which helps architecture students with expenses related to their studies abroad.

We Work Together

Ken Muhlendorf (Col ’69, Med ’74) still appreciates the way UVA helped him and his wife, Diane, when they were a young couple on the Grounds. “The University looks out for its students,” he said. Read More >>

durkac-head-shot-300328 We Touch Lives

Brandi Durkac (Col ’00) grew up hearing her parents’ stories about the joys and adventures of college life—and about the importance of education and generosity.

“Giving is now a habit,” she said. And for Durkac, giving and family go together.


Honoring His Father’s Memory

As a child, Buddy Voshell (Col ’52) lived with his mother and father in Varsity Hall on Grounds, half a block from UVA Hospital. This made it easy for his father to walk to work. “I can still see him now, walking down the street to the hospital,” he said. He was a caring and generous man, the type of person who was dedicated to helping others.