As the University of Virginia nears the public launch in fall 2019 of its $5 billion campaign, our communications will evolve and transform. Communicators across Grounds will steadily incorporate the campaign identity described on these pages into a variety of fundraising materials that equip development officers, support advancement staff, and inform the many messages conveyed to our key audiences and constituents.

The University’s campaign calls for a powerful visual identity composed of elements that are equal parts contemporary, elegant, flexible, and most important, authentically UVA. The following pages explain these elements and provide examples of their use.

The collection of materials here represents a work in progress. New elements will be added leading up to and throughout the course of the campaign. For questions or more information, contact Advancement Communications at campaign-communications@virginia.edu.


About Honor the Future

Honor the Future is rooted in the University’s founding ideals. These ideals—truth, citizenship, and the power of knowledge—have sustained humanity since civilization began. Having embraced them for 200 years, the University is now ensuring that these principles continue to serve us, today and every day, in honor of the future.

In addition to presenting the campaign’s design elements, the information on this site is intended to serve as a helpful guide for communicating the messages and many stories related to honoring the future.

Get a first look at the campaign identity by downloading the pdf below, which outlines the creative strategy for campaign communications.