Gift Planning

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Gift Planning


Make a Plan to Support the Future of UVA

You can join the growing number of alumni and friends who invest now in the University’s future by including UVA as a beneficiary of their wills, charitable trusts, and retirement plans. You can also make a gift now and receive income for the rest of your life. Gifts like these can offer you and your family significant tax benefits as well as greater financial flexibility in meeting your personal and philanthropic goals.

Planned gifts may be of three types:

  1. Plans from your estate
    Bequests are gifts you establish through your estate plans. 
  2. Plans that pay you an income
    You make a gift to the University and receive income for your life or for the lives of the beneficiaries you choose. 
  3. Plans that help the University now and your family later
    The University uses the income from your gift for a specified period of time and then returns the remainder to you or your heirs.