Global Opportunities

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Global Opportunities

Connect with true citizens of the world.


The University of Virginia is preparing new leaders for global excellence, the pacesetters who will serve our complex, international community and address the challenges of our time. UVA is a product of global thinking—our founder was one of the nation’s first international scholars and diplomats. As we prepare true citizens of the world, the University must reflect its founding ideals to expand the world's knowledge and discovery for all humanity. Inspired by this outlook, the University focuses on the comprehensive integration of global perspectives into every aspect of the educational experience. President Ryan and Vice Provost for Global Affairs Ambassador Steve Mull are committed to a globally-engaged university and at least one meaningful international experience for every undergraduate student.

Your gifts help UVA achieve its goal to integrate a global education within the curriculum and as a part of every student's experience.


Global Fundraising Priorities

Global Education and Research General Fund

This fund provides flexibility for the Vice Provost for Global Affairs to support global opportunities for students and faculty wherever there is the most need and helps to provide seed funding to pilot new innovative global opportunities for our students and faculty either in their work abroad or on Grounds.

Center for Global Health Equity

The Center for Global Health Equity promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty, and partners from multiple disciplines to address the diseases of poverty. Support for the Center for Global Health extends beyond one student, one project, or one collaboration. Your investment in a broad network of emerging global health leaders will impact communities and health across the globe.

Education Abroad Scholarships

Education abroad provides students with an international perspective on their academic field and career path. Global experiences help students learn important life skills, such as critical and independent thinking, as well as promoting flexibility, resilience, and the ability to function effectively in different cultures. Your gifts to scholarships help provide these opportunities, removing financial obstacles for students who are seeking a global learning experience.

Global Studies Interdisciplinary Major

Your support of global studies will benefit students in addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges, including sustainability, public health, and the ethics of conflict. What started as an enterprise of 22 students has evolved into a cutting-edge curriculum and a body of more than 300 undergraduates. Despite its rapid growth, global studies has remained committed to its founding vision: combining critical knowledge from all of the University’s schools with multiple approaches to experiential learning and preparing students to become active, ethical citizens at the local, national, and global levels.

International Student Support

International students help increase intercultural awareness and strengthen UVA's global profile. Support for these students will help them to thrive in our community and enhance UVA’s reputation as a leading global university.