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Staff List

Vice President for Advancement
Mark M. Luellen
Vice President for Advancement
Advancement Chief of Staff
Penny Cabaniss
Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff
Grace Sims
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
Emily Tate
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of the VP for Advancement
Blair Wingfield
Director of Gift Documentation and Compliance
Advancement Communications
Charlotte Morford
Assistant Vice President, Advancement Communications
Chris Allerton
Charity Boudouris
Director, Content Production
William Cocke
Senior Writer and News Director
Jeneene Chatowsky
Assistant Director of Multimedia
Kyle Fowlkes
Senior Designer
Brian Morris
Advancement Associate, Advancement Communications
Kelsie Prince
Junior Designer
Maggie Rowland
Junior Designer
Kate Schmitt
Travis Searcy
Creative Director
Meg Walker
Director of Digital Design & Development
Kim Wendel
Assistant Director of Gift Planning Communications
Advancement Operations
Julie Featherstone
Senior Associate Vice President, Advancement Operations
Nicole LaBruno
Assistant Project Manager
Chris Mercincavage
Assistant Director for Advancement Operations
Laura Phillips
Senior Manager for Stakeholder Relations
Brenda Rodriguez
Phone N/A
Senior Project Manager
Deke Shrum
Senior Project Lead, Advancement CRM
Advancement Services
David Pinker
Senior Director for Advancement Services
Sharath Baht
Associate Director for Business Intelligence Analytics
Becky Balber
Director, University Advancement Services
Dan Biggs
Business Intelligence Analyst
Shelby Bowen
Senior Associate Director, Technology Coach
Kat Cannon
Phone N/A
Gift Administrator
Vickie Collins
Gift Administrator
Jazmine Davis
Gift Administrator
Cynthia Donley
Assistant Director of Gift Processing
Jacob Durham
Assistant Director, University Advancement Services
Astrid Henriksen
Director of Business Intelligence & Technology
Sriharsha Jonnalagadda
Senior Cloud Integrations Specialist
Robyn Kells
Gift Administrator
Praveen Kunchala
Systems Engineer
Anil Malviya
Business Intelligence Analyst
Joe Mathers
Director for Information Systems Architecture
Leigh Anne Moss
Gift Administrator
Caroline Plunkett
Gift Administrator
Bryant Powell
Senior Associate Director of Data Operations
Leigha Rae
Phone N/A
Gift Administrator
Matt Rose
Associate Director for Business Intelligence Analytics
Kayla Seever
Gift Administrator
Cassie Shifflett
Gift Administrator
Jennifer Sisko
Assistant Director, Gift Administration
Nick Strazzabosco
Associate Director for Business Intelligence Analytics
Chase Sylvia
Assistant Director, User Experience
Tara Telfair
Chief Learning Officer
Katherine Van Dyck-Oxford
Senior Associate Director, University Advancement Services
David Vargo
Technical Specialist
Analytics and Decision Support
Anna Hodges
Senior Director for Analytics & Decision Support
Akilah Blakey
Prospect Researcher
Alyssa Champa
Prospect Management Analyst
Becky Collier
Prospect Management Analyst
Ryan Collins
Prospect Management Analyst
Haley Cook
Advancement Associate
Debra Darling
Assistant Director of Prospect Management
Alison Freeman
Associate Director of Prospect Managemant
Chris Hubert
Assistant Director of Prospect Research
Amelia Kelly
Prospect Researcher
Delia Kloh
Assistant Director of Prospect Management
Chelsea Laxer
Associate Director of Prospect Management for Health
Teresa Liu
Associate Director for Prospect Analytics
Rima Masters
Prospect Researcher
David Ornelas II
Assistant Director of Prospect Management
Megan Randall
Senior Prospect Researcher
Sarah Robinson
Assistant Director of Pipeline Analytics
Lilly Suwinski
Prospect Management Analyst
People Operations
Becky Bennett
Phone N/A
Advancement Associate
Mary Greene
Christopher Krebs
Help Desk Associate
Ashley Privott
Chief Employee Engagement Officer
Lisa Saunders
Project Associate
Ann Walker
Associate Director for People Operations
Jordan Williams
Assistant Director for Application Support and Training
Finance, Gift Accounting, and Staff Success
Michael May
Senior Director for Finance
Sherry Burnett
Associate Director, Gift Accounting
Linda Donohue
Financial Analyst
Sandi Hall
Senior Associate Director, Staff Success
Kevin Hickman
Budget Manager
April Sibiski
Senior Associate Director, Staff Success
Sandra Williams
Associate Director, Gift Accounting & Finance
Corporate Philanthropy, Foundation Relations, & Gift Planning
Heather Engel
Associate Vice President of Gift Planning and Corporate & Foundation Relations
Susan Berres
Special Assistant
Corporate and Foundation Relations
Ellen Root
Interim Executive Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations
Joon Cho
Director, Corporate Relations
Stephanie Fentress
Director of Development for the School of Data Science
Angel Gunn
Foundation Research & Strategy Coordinator
Caitilin Mohr
Director of Corporate Relations, Health System
Ellie Myers
Director of Foundation Relations
Jennifer Rappaport
Development Associate
Arianna Sherman
Proposal Development Strategist
Annie Stup
Grant Writer & Communication Strategist
Gift Planning
Dane Ferre
Executive Director for Gift Planning
Michael Bailey
Development Associate
Michael Campbell
Gift Planning Technical Writer
Spring Dodge
Trust, Estate, and Gift Planning Specialist
Susan Fersner
Senior Director, Gift Planning
Elizabeth Hilles
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Erin Hughey-Commers
Senior Gift Planning Advisor
Elizabeth Lewis
Senior Associate Director, Gift Planning
Iris Luck
Cornerstone Society Engagement Officer
University Libraries
Mary Clyde Bissett
Development Associate
Patrick Garcia
Associate Director of Major Gifts, Libraries
Meredith Gillet
Assistant Director of Advancement, Libraries
Holly Thornhill
Senior Associate Director for Donor Relations
Rob Allen
Associate Vice President, Development
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Special Assistant
Woody Wingfield
Director of Development, Architecture
Kim Haggart
Director, Engagement & Alumni Initiatives
Rob Revitte
Director of Major Gifts, Architecture
Heather Weller
Advancement Associate
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Chris Barnes
Director of Development for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Warren Buford
Phone N/A
Executive Director of Development, UVA Engineering
Virginia Johnston
Project Associate
Katie Lewis
Director of Development
Sarah Mullen
Director of Campaign Initiatives
Michael Speight
Director of Development
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Jayla Gilliam
Assistant Director of Development, Batten
Mark Nelson
Advancement Associate
Navin Ramoutar
Associate Director for Development, Batten
Miller Center
Kelly McCaskill
Chief Advancement Officer, The Miller Center
June Drude
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Tyler Graham
Assistant Director of Development
Camille Lasley
Development Associate, Miller Center
Reunion Giving
Jason Life
Director, Reunion Giving
James Fretwell
Associate Director of Reunion Giving
Patrick O'Donnell
Associate Director of Development, Reunion Giving
Andrea Shiflett
Reunion Giving Associate
Mary Blair Zakaib
Chief Strategy Officer, Reunion Giving
School of Education and Human Development
Mike Cashman
Executive Director, School of Education Foundation
Jenn Cornell
Director of Development
Julia Wheeler
Development Officer
Dan Epstein
Director, Operations & Accounting
Cristal Schuelke
Project Associate
Greg Willett
Assistant Director of Development
University Enrichment
Bo Greenwood
Senior Director of Development
Anna Beuchert
Advancement Associate
Courtney Bibb
Director, UVA Parents Program
Kelli Sutton Block
Associate Director of Development, Student Enrichment
Jane Maples
Development Associate
Cameron Mowat
Director of Development for University Arts
Karen Nuelle
Associate Director of Parent Giving
Lizzy Ramey
Assistant Director, University Arts Development
Kayti Sewell
Director of Development, Contemplative Sciences
Marcy Sheldon
Special Assistant, UVA Parents Program
Allison VanDenend
Director of Development, Fralin Museum of Art
University Priorities
Robin Mitchell
Executive Director of Development
Josh Barnes
University Advancement Ambassador
JaPrince Carter
Associate Director of Development for University Priorities
Joyce Chow
University Advancement Ambassador
Caroline Cruz
Advancement Coordinator
Liz DeLaet
Advancement Coordinator
Virginia Dolan
University Advancement Ambassador
Adam Fentress
Managing Director of Development, University Priorities
Chris Ford
Director of Major Gifts, University Priorities
Kelly Graham
Senior Associate Director of Development, University Priorities
Rhonda Jones
Development Associate
Carrie Jordan
Director of Development, International & Global Affairs
Jake Pittman
Senior Associate Director of Development, University Priorities
Jessica Robertson
Director of Major Gifts
Maren Sautter
University Advancement Ambassador
UVA Center for Politics
David T. Earl
Director of Development, UVA Center for Politics
Tawanna Smith
Development Associate
Office of Engagement
Cindy Fredrick
Senior Associate Vice President, Office of Engagement
Sarah Morgan
Special Assistant
Andrea Devine
Senior Director for Volunteer Engagement
Alumni and Parent Travel
Kevin Conley
Senior Director for Alumni and Parent Travels
Mary Lynn Musser
Assistant Director, Alumni & Parent Travel
Marieke Cappa
Advancement Associate, Alumni & Parent Travel
Digital Engagement
Patrick Stanley
Senior Director for Digital Engagement and Communications
DeNeil Bryant
Assistant Director, Digital Engagement and Communications
Ashley Gresh
Senior Associate Director, Digital Engagement
Megan Liu
Project Associate, Digital Engagement and Communications
Joy Nuckolls
Associate Director for Communications & Marketing
Donor Relations
Sasha Monty
Director of Donor Relations
Matt Blough
Advancement Coordinator, Digital Engagement and Communications
Theresa King
Associate Director, Donor Relations
Delphine Koutone
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Caroline Livingston
Associate Director, Donor Relations
Michael Marzella
Advancement Coordinator
Tiffany Morris
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Brittany Paine
Advancement Coordinator
Abigail Ramsay
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Event Experiences
Casey Brown
Senior Director, Event Experiences
Beverly Campbell
Director, Event Experiences
Bina Hopkins
Assistant Director, Event Experiences
Hunter McConville
Assistant Director of Event Experiences
L.J. Morris
Advancement Associate, Event Experiences
Dahlia Nelson
Project Associate, Event Experiences
Karen Sowers
Advancement Associate, Event Experiences
Andrea Walker
Assistant Director, Event Experiences
Britany Wentz
Associate Director, Event Experiences
Jacqui Wood
Associate Director, Event Experiences
Lifetime Learning
Althea Brooks
Senior Director for Lifetime Learning
Jessica Fittro
Project Associate, Lifetime Learning
Susan Lynch
Associate Director, Lifetime Learning
Dana Mays
Communications Coordinator, Lifetime Learning
University Annual Giving
Ann Lawrence Grasty
Executive Director for University Annual Giving
Megan Black
Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Ciara Coon
Assistant Director, Next Generation Philanthropy
Jessica DeAngelis
Assistant Director, Graphic Design
Mary Finnerty
Project Associate, Direct Marketing
Allie Gibson
Senior Associate Director, Engagement Communications
Jeanna Grimes
Associate Director, Donor Experience
Olivia Hathaway
Assistant Director, Next Generation Philanthropy
Cameron Kennedy
Donor Experience Officer
Katherine Leatherman
Senior Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Michelle Locatelli
Associate Director for Graphic Design
Joseph Montante
Director, Virtual Philanthropy
Megan Poole
Director, Direct Marketing
Nora Raleigh
Phone N/A
Donor Experience Officer
Bradley Scheftner
Associate Director for Next Generation Philanthropy
Eric Schey
Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Mary Shriver
Project Associate, Direct Marketing
Rachel Sigler
Associate Director for the Virginia Fund
Abby Simmerman
Donor Experience Officer
Agatha Walker
Donor Experience Officer
Erin Ward
Assistant Director, Content Creation
Kirsten Weimer
Assistant Director, Direct Marketing
UVA Clubs Global Network
Michael Goetz
Senior Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Said Aweis
Regional Engagement Officer
Sherry Dunaway
Administrative Coordinator, UVA Clubs Global Network
Emma English
Assistant Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Sadira Glendenning
Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Robin Stafford
Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Joshua Stuart
Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Conor Webb
Assistant Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Beth Zitzman
Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Principal Gifts
Kathryn Jarvis
Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts
Dirk Katstra
Senior Executive Director, Principal Gifts
Mariah Goff
Project Associate
Erin Johnson
Briefings and Communications Specialist
Jessica Schwab
Director, Principal Relationship Development
UVA Health Development
Amy Karr
Senior Associate Vice President, Health System Development
Laura Barham
Advancement Coordinator, UVA Health Initiatives
Felicia Blow
Phone N/A
Executive Director of UVA Community Health Foundation & Director of Development, Community Hospitals
Marianne Bowes
Associate Vice President for Development
Ashley Deskins
Project Lead, UVA Health
Marianne O’Neil
Executive Assistant, Health System Development
Nancy Scogna
Assistant Vice President, Campaign Initiatives
Daniela Simmons
Advancement Associate
Cancer Programs
Corley Raileanu
Executive Director of Development, Cancer Programs
Nick Delaney
Senior Associate Director of Development for Cancer Programs
Ashley Hanel
Senior Associate Director of Development, Cancer Programs
Amy Quick
Advancement Coordinator, Cancer Programs
Sophia Sjolinder
Associate Director of Development, Cancer Programs
Children’s Hospital
Richard Long
Director of Development, UVA Children's Hospital
Erin Chandler
Associate Director, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) and Corporate Philanthropy
Jennifer Downey
Phone N/A
Advancement Associate, UVA Children's Hospital
Polly Hunter
Senior Director of Development, Special Projects and Patient Care Initiatives
Malan Jackson
Associate Director of Development, UVA Children's Hospital
Health System Communications
Rick Kessel
Senior Director, Communications
Katherine Ludwig
Senior Writer
Alex Monson
Assistant Director of Communications
Health System Development Operations
Tyler Gallik
Assistant Vice President, Development Operations
Melanie Blosser
Assistant Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement
Esther Davis
Fiscal Administrator
Rosaline deButts
Senior Associate Director of Stewardship
Robyn Eaton
Project Lead, Donor Relations & Administration
Katelyn Galbraith
Associate Director for Strategic Events
Steve Glass
Senior Associate Director, Donor Relations and Gift Administration
Lori Hanger
Associate Director for Information Systems
Pam Kelleher
Senior Director of Donor Relations & Strategic Engagement
Paige Kostanecki
Associate Director for Donor Communication
Maggie Patton
Director of Strategic Engagement
Karyn Rader
Associate Director, Stewardship
Carolyn Yowell
Advancement Associate
Health System Principal Gifts
Ashley Cullop
Principal Gifts Officer
Healthcare Philanthropy
Jas Heim
Executive Director, Healthcare Philanthropy
Amanda Elsea
Project Lead, Healthcare Philanthropy
Justus Kelley
Associate Director of Development, Healthcare Philanthropy
Malva Mangan
Phone N/A
Advancement Associate, Healthcare Philanthropy
Sarah Marion
Phone N/A
Advancement Associate, Healthcare Philanthropy
Kelly Reinhardt
Director of Development, Neurosciences
Jordan Seitzer
Senior Associate Director of Development, Healthcare Philanthropy
Courtney Wilson
Senior Associate Director, Healthcare Philanthropy
School of Medicine
Chrissy Gibbons
Director of Development, Research Departments & Centers
Chris Neal
Director of Development, Medical Alumni
Hudson Clare
Senior Associate Director of Development
Lizzie Holland
Associate Director of Development, School of Medicine (Medical Alumni)
Morgan Shedd
Advancement Associate
School of Nursing
Erik Williams
Executive Director, School of Nursing
Elle Blevins
Advancement Coordinator, School of Nursing
Ruth Cassell
Associate Director of Development, School of Nursing