Rainy Day Fund

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The Parents Rainy Day Fund

The UVA Parents Program offers one-time grants to current undergraduate students facing unexpected financial hardship.

Imagine you’re a bright young student beginning your third year. Eager to start that special class or a long-hoped-for internship, you’re confident that your hard work and sacrifice are about to pay off.

Then an unexpected text or call comes through. A tuition payment cannot be made, a loved one has fallen ill, or a parent has been laid off. In the blink of an eye, financial problems can derail an education and lifelong dreams.

Heartbreaking scenarios such as these play out every year across Grounds. Now, the UVA Parents Program has established an endowment to provide relief to undergraduate students facing acute and sudden financial adversity. The Parents Rainy Day Fund provides financial assistance to students facing hardships due to unforeseen circumstances. These funds cover expenses that are not otherwise met by University funding, including the following:

  • Travel costs to address a family emergency
  • An unexpected shortage in tuition funds
  • Programmatic needs identified by the Parents Program and/or the Office of the President

To apply for a Parents Rainy Day Fund Grant, please visit Hoo Needs Help.