What We Do


What We Do

Partnering Across Grounds

The UVA Parents Program partners with organizations that are committed to enhancing student life. UVA Parents Program support is distributed as described below:

Grants & Special Initiatives: 50%

Any University student, organization, or department that offers services, programs, or projects to UVA undergraduate students may apply for a UVA Parents Program grant. This past year, applicants representing more than 100 student-led clubs and groups, departments and schools, and special events received vital support.

President’s Office: 25%

The President’s Office also received a $265,000 allocation from the Parents Program, which was directed to the Meriwether Lewis Leadership Institute and The Virginia Fund—a discretionary resource that gives the president the ability to launch special initiatives, meet pressing needs as they arise, and capitalize on emerging opportunities to strengthen academic and student-life programs.

Division of Student Affairs: 25%

The Division of Student Affairs apportioned its $265,000 UVA Parents Program allocation to priorities such as the University Career Center, student inclusion and diversity, education excellence, leadership development, and student mental health and wellness.

The UVA Parents Program enables the Division of Student Affairs to sponsor students attending national conferences, facilitate student mentoring and advising over meals, produce the Parent Handbook, and provide vital student crisis support under both anticipated and unforeseen circumstances.