Gift Processing Services

Gift Processing Services

The goal of the UVA Gift Processing Services Center (GPS) is to provide the University community with gift processing services that meet or exceed industry benchmarks in accuracy, productivity, timeliness and customer service.

GPS operates under the direction of the UVA Fund alongside the financial services division.

Services Provided

Processing: GPS accepts, deposits, records and provides acknowledgement of gifts and pledges made to the University, its schools, units and foundations.

Reconciliation: GPS reconciles the bank and brokerage accounts used to accept and deposit gifts and the gift processing software used to record and acknowledge gifts.

Reporting: GPS provides reporting of gifts processed, as well as reporting of agreed-upon performance metrics.

Pledge Management: GPS produces pledge reminders and records and adjusts pledges as needed.

Support: GPS provides customer support relating to gift processing to donors, development officers, business officers and others within the University community.


Gift Transmittal Form (.docx)
Gift Load Template (.xlsx)
Deed of Gift Template (.docx)
Securities Gift Transfer Instructions (.pdf)
Wire Transfer Instructions (.pdf)
Authorization Agreement for Electronic Gift Payments (.pdf)
Appeal Code Request Form (.xlsx)


Donor Bill of Rights (.pdf)
IRS Publication 526
IRS Publication 1771 (.pdf)
Talking Points regarding DAFs, Matching Gifts, and Family Foundation Gifts & Pledges (.doc)

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