UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1968


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1968 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Vincent H. DerrENG
Elaine Roosendaal KendrickR.N.
Thurston R. MooreA&S
John L. Nau IIIA&S

1968 Reunion Giving Officer

Beth BishopDirector of Reunion Giving(434) 924-7698

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Giving Committee

James H. Aylor, Ph.D., ENG
Mrs. Stephanie C. Barnett, NUR
Ms. Bonnie J. Boland, NUR
Mrs. Suzanne D. Bowers, NUR
Mr. William Couper, COM
Mr. S. Wallace Dawson, Jr., ENG
Mr. Vincent H. Derr, ENG
Mr. K. Stewart Evans, Jr., A&S
Mr. Bruce G. Gabler, COM
Mr. Anthony Allen Geyelin, A&S
Mr. Thomas C. Gresham, A&S
Robert B. Grossman, M.D., A&S
Mrs. Charlene MacDowell Hanbury, COM
Mr. Richard C. Hawthorne, Jr., ENG
Mr. John O. Hunnicutt III, ENG
Mr. Geoffrey N. Irvine, ENG
Mr. David H. Jones, A&S
Mr. Eric T. Kalkhurst, A&S
Kenneth S. Karb, M.D., A&S
Elaine Roosendaal Kendrick, NUR
Mr. David C. Landin, A&S
Dr. St. George Tucker Lee, Jr., A&S
Mr. Stanley M. Lefco, A&S
Mr. James M. Lewis, A&S
Mr. Evan J. Male, Jr., A&S
Mr. Thurston R. Moore, A&S
Mr. John B. Morse, Jr., A&S
Mr. John L. Nau III, A&S
Mrs. Diane McChesney Parfitt, NUR
Mr. W. Duncan Patterson, A&S
Mr. Peter R. Pettit, A&S
Mr. George A. Piper, A&S
Mr. James E. Ryan, Jr., ENG
Mrs. Christian Wilson Stanley, NUR
Judge Wesley W. Steen, A&S
Mr. David A. Steffan, A&S
Mr. Jeremiah Lindsay Thomas III, A&S
Mr. Philip H. Viles, Jr., A&S
Mr. Lester A. Wagner, A&S
Mr. Robert G. Williams, ENG
Ms. Catherine W. Zuver, NUR

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