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Class of 1978


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1978 Giving committee Co-Chairs

James E. Ballowe, Jr.A&S
Sara Penn McFallA&S

1978 Reunion Giving Officer

Margaret FisherAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-6727

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Giving Committee

Mr. James E. Ballowe, Jr., A&S
Mr. Frank M. Conner III, A&S
Mr. Douglas D. Garson, ENG
Mr. Peter M. Grant II, A&S
Mr. J. Philip Hart, A&S
Mr. Grady B. Hedgespeth, A&S
Mr. D. Scott Hinchman, COM
Mr. C. Michael Launi, ENG
Mr. Charles R. Lundelius, Jr., COM
Ms. Sara Penn McFall, A&S
Professor Elizabeth K. Meyer, ARC
Mr. Stephen B. Patterson, A&S
Ms. Suzi Bailey Stone, A&S
Mr. Kent C. Sullivan, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth Stuart Valentine, A&S
Mr. Thomas R. Vandeventer, A&S
Mrs. Mary Moncure Watson, A&S   

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