UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1989


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Total Dollars Raised


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1989 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Edmund E. ReddA&S
Lucie Miller AndreA&S
George Matthew Kingsley, Jr.A&S
Hylan T. HubbardA&S

1989 Reunion Giving Officer

Margaret FisherAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-6727

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Giving Committee

Ms. Lucie Miller Andre, A&S
Ms. Karen Bland, A&S
Mr. Gregory W. Brown, A&S
Ms. JB Bryan, COM
Mrs. Diane DeWitt Cherry, A&S
Mr. M. Blake Cleary, A&S
Mrs. Kara O'Brien Cox, A&S
Mr. Stephen E. Finke, COM
Mrs. Laura Butler Davis FitzGerald, A&S
Mr. Harrison Joseph Frahn IV, A&S
Mr. Paul J. Garvey, ENG
Ms. Ashley Christopher Gibbins, A&S
Ms. Amy E. Graves, A&S
Ms. Kimberly Harrison Greer, A&S
Mr. Phillip S. Griffin II, A&S
Mrs. Sarah Armstrong Hamlin, A&S
Mr. Dion W. Hayes, A&S
Mr. Hylan T. Hubbard, A&S
Mr. Joseph A. Julian, Jr., COM
Mr. John F. Kevill, Jr., A&S
Mr. George Matthew Kingsley, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Susanna Bryan Kondracki, A&S
Mr. John MacAlister MacKethan, A&S
Mrs. Jenny Willier Murphy, A&S
Mrs. Margaret King Murray, A&S
Mrs. Kristin Decker Ogburn, A&S
Mr. Michael J. O'Hanlon, ENG
Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw O'Kelly, COM
Mr. Stephen D. Otero, A&S
Mr. Edmund E. Redd, A&S
Mrs. Stephanie Shepard Cobb, COM
Mr. Brian E. Stengel, A&S
Mr. Wilson G. Stone, A&S
Mr. John E. Sutherland, A&S
Ms. Gretchen Marie Tibbits, A&S
Ms. Veronica Weekfall, A&S
Mr. Ward K. Welch, ARC
Mr. Charles A. F. Westfall, A&S
Mr. Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, ARC

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes Five consecutive years of giving