UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1994


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1994 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Alicia Ruggiero BochiA&S
Whitney Williams CobeyCurry
Carl F. Giesler, Jr., CFAA&S
B. Hanson SlaughterCOM

1994 Reunion Giving Officer

Frasher BoltonAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1062

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Giving Committee

Mr. Richard M. Bange III, A&S
Mrs. Alicia Ruggiero Bochi, A&S
Mrs. Whitney Williams Cobey, ED
Mrs. Frances H. Feagans, A&S
Mrs. Amy Moomaw Goodnight, A&S
Mr. Timothy O. Jarrett, A&S
Ms. Yvonne D. Jones, A&S
Ms. Sandra Loughran Joslyn, ARC
Mrs. Francine Brown Mathews, A&S
Ms. Jennifer Gibert Mencarini, A&S
Ms. Erika Harvey Nichols, ED
Brooke Ellen Pietrzak, Esq., A&S
Mr. Yann F. Pirio, A&S
Ms. Eileen R. Silvergleid, A&S
Mr. B. Hanson Slaughter, COM

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