UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 2003


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Total Dollars Raised


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2003 Giving committee Co-Chairs

James G. Aldige IVA&S
Kari Teagno HymanA&S

2003 Reunion Giving Officer

Johnson "Jack" CarpenterAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1047

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Giving Committee

Mr. James G. Aldige IV, A&S
Mr. Brian F. Bald, A&S
Ms. Sarah Hastings Bowman, A&S
Mr. Carter M. Brenneman, A&S
Ms. Heather M. Byers, A&S
Mr. Andrew T. Call, A&S
Mr. J. Taylor Chenery, A&S 
Mr. John Hartwell Cocke, COM
Mr. R. Bryce Coffee, A&S
Ms. Lauren J. Craft, A&S
Mr. Christian C. Davis, A&S
Mr. Timothy A. Dumm, ENG
Mr. Gregory D. Grambling, ENG
Ms. Margaret A. Hudson, A&S
Mr. Bradley P. Humphreys, A&S
Mrs. Kari Teagno Hyman, A&S
Captain Nicholas Alan Jablonski, A&S  
Mr. Joshua R. Lester, COM
Mrs. Marie Johnson Martin, A&S
Mr. Frederick Nolde, A&S
Ms. Catherine F. Noyes, A&S
Mr. Jason C. Rascoe, COM
Mrs. Tracie Goldthorpe Seward, A&S
Mrs. Adele Bruce Shartzer, A&S
Mr. Benjamin Braxton Skipper, A&S  
Mr. Alexander J. Starr, A&S
Ms. Minh-Hai Tran-Lam, A&S
Ms. Cara A. Volpe, A&S
Mr. Jonathan E. Warner, A&S
Ms. Jenny R. Weatherholtz, A&S
Ms. Sarah F. Wilson, COM
Ms. Charlotte Hudgins Zito, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving