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Class of 2014


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Total Dollars Raised


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2014 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Jacob S. PittmanA&S
Amy H. RodgersA&S
Jon D. UntersehA&S
Joseph M. HarrisA&S

2014 Reunion Giving Officer

Frasher BoltonAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1062

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Giving Committee

Ms. Karla E. Aguayo, A&S
Mr. Haider S. Arshad, COM
Ms. Meredith F. Bearden, COM
Ms. Zoe M. Bellars, A&S
Ms. Margaret C. Bickley, NUR
Ms. Anne Carter B. Blankenship, COM
Ms. Kristen N. Bouchard, A&S  
Ms. Shannon C. Boyles, A&S
Ms. Samantha B. Breslin, A&S
Mr. Jack Z. Byers, ENG
Ms. Jacqueline M. Cipolla, A&S
Mr. Whittington W. Clement, Jr., A&S
Ms. Catherine A. Creighton, A&S
Mr. Andrew J. Fallen, A&S
Ms. Erika J. Feldhausen, COM
Ms. Laura C. Fitzgerald, A&S
Ms. Margaret M. Furr, A&S
Mr. Henry A. Gorog, ENG
Ms. Mackenzie C. Griffin, COM
Mr. Joseph M. Harris, A&S
Ms. Sarah D. Heldreth, A&S
Mrs. Sarah Salinas Herbert, A&S
Ms. Jennie A. Higgs, A&S
Mr. Anthony P. Hoang, COM
Ms. Jane E. Jeffery, A&S
Mr. Charles S. Kang, A&S
Mrs. Julianne Baker Kur, COM
Ms. Taylor V. Locks, A&S
Mr. Will E. Moomaw III, A&S
Mr. Brandon R. Moores, COM
Ms. Jennifer N. Oakes, A&S
Ms. Simay I. Okyay, A&S
Mr. Peter X. Ormsby, COM
Ms. Kathleen M. O'Rourke, A&S
Ms. Samantha K. Pedersen, A&S
Mr. Jacob S. Pittman, A&S
Ms. Caitlin A. Rivas, A&S
Ms. Amy H. Rodgers, A&S
Mr. Kyle J. Ruempler, A&S
Mr. James J. Sloan, ENG
Mr. John D. Sullivan, COM
Ms. Sonia M. Swaray, A&S
Mr. Jonathan T. Torre, A&S
Mr. Jonathan D. Unterseh, A&S
Ms. Parke M. Whitley, A&S
Mr. Ryan W. Whitney, COM
Mr. Matthew R. Woodhouse, A&S
Mr. Christopher P. Zapple, COM   

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes Five consecutive years of giving