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This is the moment
to shape their future

Magnify your support of outstanding UVA students from all backgrounds when you invest in the Bicentennial Scholars Fund. UVA will double down on your generosity by matching your gift—for a scholarship or a fellowship.

Up to $1 Million

When you make gift to a Bicentennial Scholarship or Fellowship, the University will amplify any donation with a 50-cent match on every dollar.

UVA Matches
Of your gift
$1 Million or more

When you contribute $1 million or more and pay the total within three years, the University will double your gift.


UVA Matches
of your gift

All gifts of any size to the Bicentennial Scholars Fund will be matched!

Make it your UVA tradition. Give today to the Bicentennial Scholars Fund and support stellar students of tomorrow.

We Stand Apart Because

We Stand For All

Together, at our 200-year mark, we will make a commitment to realize student potential. The challenges of our time require that we provide promising citizen leaders every chance to succeed, both today and for generations to come.

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Michelle Packer
Director of Development for University Scholarships

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