Pavilion VIII Restoration

Pavilion VIII

Pavilion VIII Restoration

Preserve the legacy and sustain the significance.


The site of Pavilion VIII has served as a host to faculty members, students, the University Guide Service, and was, at one point, the location for the Office of the President. More recently, UVA's current president, Jim Ryan, lived in the pavilion while his customary residence, Carr’s Hill, was undergoing its own renovation. Pavilion VIII was last restored in 1985. Our current efforts will honor the history held within the original structure while updating its features so that it will continue to serve as a gathering place for the University community for many years to come.

This top-to-bottom restoration spans the interior and exterior, from evaluating the foundation to reinforcing rafters supporting the roof. Once completed, the site will house two faculty members in basement-level and second-story apartments; contain four classrooms; and provide a space in the basement dedicated for the University Guide Service. Your support of this project will preserve the legacy and sustain the significance of Pavilion VIII.