Olivia Jamieson
(Coll '21, Ed '21)

Olivia Jamieson, of Richmond, Virginia, is pursuing a double major in French and speech communication disorders. This third-year student is passionate about her chosen field, and she continually challenges herself with a variety of extracurricular activities.

Committed to helping others, Jamieson serves as co-chair of Autism Allies, where she coordinates volunteer and fundraising efforts. Prior to her board appointment, she served as secretary and treasurer of the organization. She is also an active volunteer mentor, both with the Virginia Institute of Autism, as well as with UVA’s VISAS Program.

Jamieson is active in women’s leadership initiatives, serving as a delegate at the 2018 ACC Leadership Symposium and as a member of the Women’s Leadership Program at UVA. In addition, Jamieson serves as the president of the Gooch Dorm Association Council, where she works to build a sense of community among residents.

After graduation, Jamieson intends to pursue a master’s degree and become certified in speech language pathology. “I look forward to having a career that will allow me to serve others,” she noted. Jamieson is honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2018-19 Gordon C. Burris Scholarship. “It feels good to know that others recognize the hard work I put into everything I do at UVA.” she said. “This place is my second home.”