Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers

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Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers

Get the tools you need to be an effective volunteer for the University of Virginia

What Is the Role of a Volunteer?

Reunion Giving Committees reflect the top student activities and school makeup of each class during its time on Grounds and comprise 35–100 undergraduate alumni per class.

The Giving Committees are responsible for encouraging classmates to come back to Grounds to celebrate their class reunion and to support the University by giving back to an area that is meaningful to them. Giving Committee volunteers work throughout the year to successfully help their class achieve and exceed fundraising and giving goals. Come Back, Give Back!

What’s Expected of Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers?

1.  Make a Reunion Gift

Make a personal gift to any area of the University and consider a leadership-level gift. Committee members are asked to document their gift by December 31, 2021.

2.  Reach out to Classmates

Use our online volunteer management system to pair with the classmates you wish to contact. Select your classmates and use our email templates and talking points to make the outreach process seamless. Contact peers 3–4 times throughout the year, and when classmates make a gift, simply thank them for their generosity and encourage them to attend the Reunion.

3. Lend Your Name to the General Fundraising Effort

Your name will be included on our website. Lending your name creates a point of connection and will encourage your classmates to Come Back and Give Back. The names of all Giving Committee members will be listed on the Reunion Giving class website. Your name will also be included in various class-specific information.

Your committee chair/co-chairs and your designated Reunion Giving Officer will update you throughout the year about the Reunion Giving effort. We will provide you with class lists, donor lists, templates, talking points and other reports as needed. Email will be used as much as possible, and Reunion Giving Officers will be respectful of your time by providing you with materials to help you be a successful volunteer.

4.  Attend Virginia Reunions

Enjoy the results of your hard work and reconnect with the University, old friends and former classmates!


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