Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers

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Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers

Get the tools you need to be an effective volunteer for the University of Virginia

What Is the Role of a Volunteer?

Reunion Giving Committees aim to bring together classmates that can network across the class to help identify classmates that have the capacity and affinity to make leadership gifts to the University. Committee members will not be asked to directly fundraise unless they are specifically interested. However, committee members will be asked to encourage their classmates to give through committee/class communications and social media posts. Volunteers are asked to invest in the University by making a gift themselves (no minimum/maximum limit) and to attend the reunion if possible.

What’s Expected of Reunion Giving Committee Volunteers?

1.  Make a Reunion Gift

Make a personal gift to any area of the University and consider a leadership-level gift. Committee members are asked to document their gift by December 31, 2022.

2.  Educate the University

You know your friends and classmates better than the University. Use our simply-to-use online volunteer management system to look through your class roster, sort by your former student organizations, schools, programs, etc., and identify classmates that may have the capacity and affinity to give a leadership gift. If you could be influential with acquiring a gift, we’d love your help! If you only have knowledge of classmates but don’t want to directly seek donations, that’s totally fine. Your knowledge is the most important thing.

3. Promote Reunion / Class Giving and Encourage Friends

Encourage classmates to invest in the University’s future and give now to an area that is meaningful to them. Committee members will lend their name to the general effort by having their name included on the class giving website and potentially class mailings/emails. Templated messages may also be created for committee members to post on social media to help encourage or educate classmates about reunion giving.

4. Attend Virginia Reunions

Enjoy the results of your hard work and reconnect with the University, old friends and former classmates!