The Lawn Society - Giving to UVA

The Lawn Society

The Lawn Society

Established in 1975 by President Frank L. Hereford, Jr. (Col ’43, Grad Arts & Sciences ’47), fifth president of the University of Virginia, the Lawn Society is the premier group of donors whose generosity has benefited the University in significant ways. Lifetime membership in the Lawn Society is afforded to donors who have made cumulative gifts to the University of $100,000 or more.

Criteria for Membership

Gifts qualifying donors for membership may be either undesignated or designated for a particular purpose. Qualifying gifts include:

  • Cash, including matching gifts
  • Securities or other appreciated assets
  • Gifts-in-kind, including real estate, whose value has been substantiated by appraisal
  • Real estate (its value substantiated by appraisal)
  • Irrevocable gifts in trust, including funded charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities
  • Fully paid life insurance policies with the University as the beneficiary (based on cash surrender value)
  • Gifts made by family members from family foundations or closely held corporations





Caroline Kelly, Donor Relations